How I cleared up my acne +my skincare routine 

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I have a ridiculous story for you guys. 

For anyone that knows me, you’ve probably realized that I’ve been struggling with adult acne for the past few years. 

Well, I think I’ve finally discovered what the cause of it is. Spinach. 


I have been a vegetarian for 7 years now, and in the beginning I simply avoided eating anything with meat in it and called it good. But a few years ago I decided I wanted to start eating mostly healthy food. So, I did. And y’all, I ate raw baby spinach several times a day. In salads, wraps, smoothies, in my eggs- you name it, I ate spinach on it. 

Well, turns out spinach is very high in oxalates, iron, and iodine and can cause breakouts if you eat it too often. W H A T. 

I went through phases of avoiding dairy, sweets, bread, caffeine, and all kinds of other foods- I tried every acne face product I could think of to help. I was so insecure about it and all of the sudden it’s vanished because I stopped eating spinach. 

So, although this isn’t a remedy or product to magically clear up your skin if you break out (and don’t even eat spinach)- the moral of the story is, take a good look at what you eat on a daily basis and substitute it or forgo it for a while and see how your body reacts. You may be surprised (like I was!). 

Everyone’s body is different. Remember that. 

I took this picture today with only a touch of mascara and clear lip balm on. Absolutely no face makeup or editing- and I didn’t think I would be posting that online anytime soon (if ever). 

As far as products go, I wash with Biore deep pore charcoal cleanser, tone with Thayer’s witch hazel (I like the rose water version), spritz on some Dr. Haushka facial mist and finish with Naked Advanced Aloe Cream, which is my favorite moisturizer of all time. 

I also use Kiehl’s eye cream and Paula’s choice 1% retinol cream a couple times a week. 

To gently exfoliate I will use my Foreo, Paula’s choice Resist BHA pore treatment, or Cure Natural Aqua Gel a few times a month. 

I hope this helps somebody out there- I know how much of a pain adult acne is! But don’t give up. You got this. 

❤ Aleya

PS my husband thinks it’s the funniest thing in the world that I’m vegetarian and “allergic to vegetables”. 😆

Everything in moderation, amirite? 😉

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