Super Bowl 51: My life as a makeup artist 

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Outfit of the Day

This past week I had the amazing privilege to do hair and makeup for the Super Bowl in Houston, which I’d say is definitely one of the biggest highlights of my career so far.

Last Monday, January 30th, I worked on a segment with Inside the NFL ft James Brown, Boomer Esiason, Phil Simms, Brandon Marshall, and Judy Battista.

When I first arrived at the stadium, I was met with my credentials to get through security, and scored a golf cart ride to a suite where I got the talent ready. 

One of the questions I get asked the most is what it’s like doing makeup on men- and honestly it’s a very simple process.

Most of the time, I will prime the skin to fill in any pores or fine lines, buff in a small amount of powder foundation to even out any redness or discoloration, and spot conceal any blemishes or razor bumps.

Because the lights are so bright, bronzer is key. To keep the face from looking flat or washed out, I sweep on some bronzer to add dimension and color back in.

Fill in the eyebrows lightly with a pencil to close any gaps and frame the face, a swipe of lip balm and they’re good to go. From there, I keep an eye on them through the monitors to make sure they don’t look oily and their hair stays in place. I keep HD powder, oil blotting sheets, and a light hold hairspray on set with me at all times.

On Saturday I went to the stadium to meet the crew and pick up my new credentials for game day as well as my parking pass and t-shirt. Everyone was so kind and welcoming and amazing, and it just made me that much more excited to work with them the next day.

Then came game day. Possibly the most fun day of my career so far, and I’m not even really a football fan to be completely honest.

But this game was so much fun! The energy from the crowds and the crew I was working with made it all so much more exciting for me. (Not to mention the Patriots came back from 28-3 in the 4th quarter and won the game!) 

On game day I worked with BBC Sport ft  Mark Chapman, Osi Umenyiora, Jason Bell, and Mike Carlson.

Because we were streaming live footage to the UK, these four would fill in any commercial breaks that the US would have with commentary on the game.

And then there was the Lady Gaga concert. Oh. my. goodness. this. was. incredible.

She absolutely killed it. I was blown away by how insanely talented she is and how amazing her vocals sounded while she was literally doing cardio on stage the entire show.

The drones, the lights, the costumes, the makeup (not by me- I wish!), the effects – I loved all of it. I’m tempted to go see her in concert now when she goes on tour. 😉 

And this was the moment the Patriots won the game!

Absolutely. freaking. incredible. I loved every minute of it and I’m so happy I got to be a part of it. I’m so in love with my job and the opportunities that come with it.

#mylifeasamakeupartist #livingthedream

❤ Aleya

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