Meet my new husky puppy! 

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He is an 8.7lb Siberian husky with bright blue eyes and a fluffy white coat. 

His name is Ixora (the name of beautiful album from my favorite band, Copeland. Victor sang a song off of that album on our wedding day.)

Turns out most people assume he’s a female because of that. Sorry, Ixora! 

 We got him through a friend’s cousin whose huskies had just had their first litter and they couldn’t take care of all the puppies. 

Victor laughed at how much research I did and puppy training videos I watched before picking this little guy up, but it’s already paying off. 

We’ve only had him for a few days, and he’s already crate trained and about 90% potty trained. 

He’s super smart and playful, and even though he’s small he did pretty well today meeting his first playmate, Usher. (My sister’s 30lb shepherd/hound mix. We already know they’ll be lifelong friends.)

He also slept/chilled through lots of baby petting. 
Victor joked that I “better not get him his own Instagram,” so I guess this blog post will have to suffice. 

I had to show him off somewhere. 

To see more of the cutest husky ever, follow me on MY instagram @aleyagarcia. ❤ 😉

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