Paris, London, Edinburgh


Victor and I went to Europe!
We combined the money we had saved up ourselves with the money our lovely family and friends gave us for our honeymoon and took an 11-day trip to some of the places we’ve wanted to see our whole lives. It was absolutely incredible, and we plan on traveling a lot more from now on!
thumb_IMG_9154_1024thumb_IMG_9341_1024 thumb_IMG_9197_1024 thumb_IMG_9332_1024thumb_IMG_9338_1024 thumb_IMG_9105_1024 thumb_IMG_9068_1024 thumb_IMG_9067_1024 thumb_IMG_9049_1024 thumb_IMG_9047_1024 thumb_IMG_9023_1024 thumb_IMG_9000_1024 thumb_IMG_8956_1024 thumb_IMG_8885_1024 thumb_IMG_8877_1024 thumb_IMG_8858_1024 thumb_IMG_5755_1024 thumb_IMG_5685_1024 thumb_IMG_8725_1024 thumb_IMG_8715_1024 thumb_IMG_8705_1024 thumb_IMG_8696_1024 thumb_IMG_8690_1024 thumb_IMG_8654_1024  thumb_IMG_8600_1024 thumb_IMG_8594_1024thumb_IMG_9140_1024thumb_IMG_9030_1024thumb_IMG_8882_1024

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❤ Aleya

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4 thoughts on “Paris, London, Edinburgh”

  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    beautiful pictures! you guys look amazing and tres chic ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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