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Outfit of the Day

On Saturday, Victor and I saw the Mowglis play at Fitzgeralds in Houston!

Hippo Campus and Night Riots were the opening bands, and Victor has been listening to Night Riots ever since. I personally enjoyed Hippo Campus the most (live) out of all three bands, but I think that’s because they reminded me of Vampire Weekend.   

Before the concert, we ate at Star Pizza, which is some of the best pizza in Houston if you ask me. Victor always gets his half of the pizza loaded with meat, while my side is nothing but veggies. I don’t know if we could be more different, honestly.
             One thing I really appreciated about the Mowglis was their message of love. At one point in the concert, they mentioned some charities that they like to support, and the one that stuck out to me the most was to help homeless LGBT+ youth.

I didn’t quite catch the name of their specific charity of choice, but when I got home I did some more research on it and found some interesting (and devastating) statistics. Here are a couple of the links I found: (1) (2) but there are many more online that I highly suggest looking into. Spread love!


After the concert we stopped in Tout Suite for some macaroons, and we also snagged this lavender lemonade, which was I thought really delicious. Victor said that he liked it while he was drinking, but the aftertaste was “straight up like drinking flowers.”


Night Riots- Back to Your Love 

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