Alice in Austin


IMG_7913(2)As soon as Victor realized that I didn’t have any makeup jobs this particular weekend, he asked me to block out my calendar so that we could go on an adventure together. We booked a room in a really nice neighborhood in Austin through Airbnb, and were off on our road trip! Victor found a really cool Alice in Wonderland exhibit that was up on campus, so we wandered through it for a while and read lots of interesting things about how there wasn’t a really a copyright, so people adapted it to their cultures all over the world (the white rabbit, for example, was a kangaroo in the Australian version. I’m not even kidding).We also found really inspirational graffiti! These Blueberry and Sarsaparilla sodas we bought at a local little pecan were in.cred.ible. IMG_8042(2)And, of course, the creepy cemetery. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen a couple of these pictures already! (And if you don’t follow me on Instagram, you should.) 

IMG_7969(2)IMG_7980(2)IMG_8101(2)IMG_8029(2)IMG_8055(2)  IMG_8138(2) 

Song of the moment: Clean Light by The Mowglis (they have a lot of fun road trip music that my 8th grade self would have loved. Victor likes to blast it with the windows rolled down, which makes me like it a lot more. The effect won’t be as awesome through your laptop speakers, of course, but I thought it was worth including anyway!)

P.S. My blog just hit 500 followers!! Thank you guys so much! I am so excited, and I really hope to be more consistent with my blogging! I love you all!

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