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Outfit of the Day

Yesterday was a really great day. I spent the entire day (from 10am until 8pm) with these awesome people, and we had a lot of fun catching up and just being together. My friend Carol (the blonde) lives a few hours away from me, so I’m always really excited when we get to hang out.IMG_6923(2)The first place we went to was a coffee shop called Tout Suite, and they were giving away free cupcakes because apparently it was national cupcake day, or something, so Veejay and I grabbed a couple and they were really good!  IMG_6919(2)I ordered an almond milk cappuccino, and it was so pretty! IMG_6927(2) IMG_6957(2)IMG_6937(2)IMG_6931(2)     IMG_6955(2)       IMG_6983(2)

Josh met up with us because he lives within walking distance of Tout Suite, and he brought a book called “2002 things to do on a date,” which was very, very entertaining. IMG_6942(2) IMG_6953(2)   IMG_6965(2)

Carol snapped some pictures of my outfit so that I could show you guys what I wore; IMG_6973(2) IMG_6974(2) IMG_6976(2)IMG_6967(3)Sunglasses: Resale shop (I bought them for $12 about 30 seconds before we took these photos)// Cardigan: Urban Outfitters// Tank top: thrift store// Pants: Kohls// Sandals: Kohls//

IMG_6987(2) IMG_6989(2)

After lunch at the Green Vegetarian Cuisine (which was delicious, by the way), we did some thrifting, looked at some artwork, and headed to a couple more coffee shops for some vegan cookies and iced coffee. We drank a lot of coffee.

IMG_6995 IMG_7000(2)

We ended up going to Agora (for the cookies) and Brasils (local coffee shops/cafes across the street from each other) because Veejay really wanted some Creme Brulee from Brasils (which they ran out of ingredients for because apparently it’s amazing there and everyone knows it), but we chilled on the back patio for a while anyway because it felt really nice outside.

IMG_7037(2) IMG_7038(2)

After hanging out on the back patio for a while, we all started to get pretty hungry, so we headed to Whole Foods for a freshly made vegan pizza (Josh’s idea), and it was a really great choice. So delicious.

IMG_7041(2) IMG_7052(2) IMG_7053(2) IMG_7055(2) photo (2)

At the end of the night Carol took some pictures of us on her instant camera (and I got really jealous because I really want one), and then I headed to my fiance’s house to do some wedding planning.


All in all, it was a very full, very fun day filled with great company, lots of laughing and rehashing of old memories, a little too much coffee (if there is such a thing), and some pretty fabulous vintage finds that I will share soon!

❤ Aleya

P.S. I’m loving Change by Churchill. Watch the music video- it’s really interesting and well done!

What have you been doing lately that makes you really happy?

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