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This blog was supposed to go up yesterday, but I forgot to publish it!
This is the outfit/makeup look I wore to my fiance’s Christmas party (which I ended up being slightly more informal than most of the people there, but hey, I was comfortable), as well as to one of my best friend’s wedding showers, which just happened to be on the same day(yay, Rae! 22 days until your wedding!).


The focal point of my makeup was a gold, glittery eyeliner that I applied on my lower lashline for some holiday sparkle. It spiced up what would otherwise be a pretty basic makeup look. This one is E.L.F., and I hear NYX has a pretty good glitter liner as well.  IMG_6854(2) IMG_6866(2) IMG_6869(2)  For my outfit, I wore my floral drop-waist dress from Forever 21, and paired it with my fuzzy cardigan and peep-toe boots (which both happen to also be from Forever 21).IMG_6885(3) IMG_6887(3) IMG_6896(2)

Song of the day: Loud Pipes by Ratatat.

One of my classmates from Design started playing a Ratatat song on his phone the other day, and I got so excited. I haven’t listened to their music in so long, and I forgot how good it is. It’s really good driving music, and it always makes me think of my cousin, Carli! She introduced them to me in junior high or early high school, so it’s really interesting to have those memories come flooding back whenever I listen to them now. Definitely check them out if you’re looking for something new to listen to!

❤ Aleya

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