Kopecky Waffles

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Outfit of the Day

I have an incredible boyfriend. I may have mentioned that before. 😉

On Saturday night we went to the Kopecky Family Band concert at Fitzgeralds, but we did some exploring in Houston first.



IMG_9835(2)Jeans: Target// Striped Top: Cotton On// Flannel: Thrifted// Short Necklace: H&M// Long Necklace: Forever 21// Rings: James Avery (silver “Seasons” ring), Kate Spade (Rose gold bow)// Boots: Ross// Bag: Street Market in Sao Paulo



Our adventures led us to a food truck called “The Waffle Bus,” and we were both intrigued.
I ordered the Strawberry Irish Creme Brûlée Waffle Sandwich.

Yes, you read that correctly. Yes, it was incredible. Yes, I want to survive solely on this from now on.
photo 1(2)
I was being a bit of a grandma that night, and was getting tired before the show even started (although, in my defense, it didn’t start until 10:30pm). Victor saved the day by ordering me The Shorty from Onion Creek Cafe, which contained enough espresso to perk me up for the dance party that inevitably occurs at every Kopecky concert. If you haven’t heard their music, definitely check them out! Victor and I agree that they are some of the most fun people to watch perform.
And while I love their records, their music performed live is a million times better.
photo 3(2)

Who is your favorite (live) musical performer/band? Let me know in the comments!
❤ Aleya

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One thought on “Kopecky Waffles”

  1. Sounds like you had a killer weekend! Glad you got to wind down… And, just FYI, if you could mail me that waffle sandwich, I’d totally ask you to. Sounds like it was to die for!

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